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Take the customization process one step further with your choice of insert. Two powerful plasma beams cross to ignition for this insert. The double beam insert offers a windproof flame source that can easily be recharged and stamped with the best in class guarantee. Zippo’s new lighter insert collection, including this rechargeable arc option, is designed to perfectly fit any regular Zippo lighter case. Comes packaged in a gift box.


  • Genuine Zippo Windproof double plasma arc beam; Double tap push-button ignition
  • 200 mAh IEC battery; 5v0.2A micro USB port
  • Approximately 1 hour recharge time and 300 charges per battery
  • 10 second time out safety feature
  • Fits all regular Zippo lighter cases – does not fit Slim or 1935 Replica cases
  • Insert retains the famous Zippo “click” sound
  • Provides a quick, easy ignition and resistance in the windiest conditions
  • Rugged, durable and built to last; Reusable for long lasting use
  • Rechargeable via charging cable included
  • Backed by a two-year Zippo warranty

Note: This product is unsafe to carry on any flight. Inserts sold separately without lighter case. Please purchase a lighter case that is unique to your individual style.


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  • Chimney Pattern

Zippo Lighter Inserts - Arc Insert

Zippo Lighter Inserts - Arc Insert

About the Rechargeable Arc Insert

Zippo's new lighter insert collection including, this rechargeable Arc Insert, provides a new flame for the classic design. Some of the features include: a completely windproof heat source, a soft-touch ignition that allows for quick and easy lighting, a double tap ignition and 10 second shut off, for safety. The all metal construction provides a perfect fit for any regular size Zippo insert and comes packaged in a Zippo 'one box'. The perfectly reusable design will help to limit waste.
Zippo Lighter Inserts - Arc Insert

How to Use

How to Operate:
To light the Arc Insert, double tap the ignition in less than a one second time period. This is a safety mechanism designed to prevent the Arc Insert from accidentally turning on in purses, luggage, coat pockets, etc.
Power Level Check:
Blue indicator lights on the bottom explain the status of the insert Solid = charging No Light = charging complete Flashing = charging needed
Quickly Recharge:
Quickly recharge the Arc Insert with the included charging cable. This charging cable can be plugged into anything with a USB port. Recharge Time: 1 hour
Features: Uses per Charge/Fill Flame Duration Recharge Time Adjustable Flame Ships Warranty
Single Torch Butane Lighter Insert Single Torch Butane Lighter Insert 100 lights per fill 5 Seconds - Unfilled
Double Torch Butane Lighter Insert Double Torch Butane Lighter Insert 60 lights per fill 5 Seconds - Unfilled
Arc Lighter Insert Arc Lighter Insert 40 lights per charge 5 Seconds 1 hour Partially Charged